Connor's Homebrew One

It all started in a tavern. It was nighttime, and the tavern was silent. Four people were quietly sitting in the tavern that night. There was Manny the Barbarian, a strong human warrior. Savalon Carrier. was also present. The other two were Shoshanna Zulu and an old man. The entertainment had failed to arrive, and the barkeep urged the party to do tricks and antics to lighten the atmosphere. Eventually, the old man asked the characters for help.
The man’s son, Andrew, had gone missing. Tiberius, the old man, suspected he was kidnapped by the Laughing Bandits, a group of outlaws and fugitives living in a secret hideout somewhere near Tarrens. The characters tracked down Andrew and found that he was unconscious, guarded by three bandits. The party successfully slew the bandits and rescued Andrew returning him to his father.
Tiberius gave the party a small reward. The next day a messenger from the town watch visited the inn, requesting the characters come meet the local sheriff. They complied and the sheriff hired them to defeat the Laughing Bandits. Their first mission was to investigate a mysterious man named Graward Shipsail for potential bandit activity. The characters caught him meeting with a bandit sergeant.
The characters captured Graward and the sergeant and dispatched any other bandits they found. The next day they were assigned to check up on Bill and Nancy, an elderly pair living in a cottage near the woods. The characters explored their cottage and found it was deserted and trashed. The characters tracked the assailants to an abandoned mill and rescued the elders from them.
Next, the characters were tasked with finding one of the sheriff’s best spies, Michael Filner. With the help of Ianmorn, a local druid, they managed to track down the bandits who had captured the spy and kill them. With the spy’s information they learned of an attack on a farm by Snickers, one of the senior members of the Laughing Bandits. They rushed to the farm and took up positions while guards escorted the family living there to safety.
Barely surviving the battle, and only with the help of some guards, Shoshanna was knocked unconscious and on the verge of death.
The characters successfully killed Snickers, severely weakening he Laughing Bandits leadership.
That night, a Laughing Bandits operative by the name of Titters attempted to assassinate the characters. The characters managed to kill this assassin and learned that his next target was Will Gurkins, the son of a village elder. The sheriff sent the party with a tracker, Geoffrey to go find the bandit hideout. Along the way the group fought five bandits led by Sniggers, another sergeant. After arriving at the hideout the group decided to return to Tarrens.
The sheriff sent them to protect Elder Gurkins, a village elder and Will Gurkins’s father. After escorting him to the harvest festival the characters saw Bob, a guard, suspiciously moving toward Will. After interrogating him he attacked the characters and they knocked him unconscious.



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